Monday, January 27, 2014

When & how should it be filed?

Businesses can request the form from the IRS and fill it out appropriately. It is important to sign and date the form before dispatching the forms to the intended address. The address varies by the state depending where the business is located. Before filing however, it is advisable for businesses to request from their vendors and contractors submission of a Form W-9. The W-9 aids businesses in filling the 1099 Misc by providing them with legal names, addresses and taxpayer identification number for the contractors.
Penalties & interest

If business entities making payments exceeding $600 to independent contractors fail to file Form 1099, there is a $100 overall penalty on each form not filed or furnished to the contractor. Moreover a 1099-Misc not provided to the independent contractor (who is not a corporation or partnership) by the due date, will subject the business to a fixed penalty per return. Penalties are also incurred on returns filed either incorrectly or bearing incorrect taxpayer identification.
Iowa Tax Extension

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