Saturday, March 28, 2009

Free Tax Filing, Free State Tax Filing, Federal Tax Filing...

Free Tax Filing Free Tax Filing
More than 75 Million US taxpayers used the internet to submit their tax returns to the IRS last year. E-file is the IRS electronic tax filing program that allows taxpayers to electronically submit their tax returns. free tax filing is the Fast, Easy and Trustworthy online tax solution, Provides easy online tax preparation with Free Income Tax Filing.

E filling is the fastest and best way to get your income tax return filed, and the fastest way to receive your Refunds online. It also affords you the industry's premier standards for security, fast and easy steps in completing the online Tax Filing.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has offer a free tax file and free state tax filing service for lower-income taxpayers. This alliance is also known as the Free File Alliance.

There are mainly three basic requirements to determine whether you qualify for free electronic tax filing.

Your 2008 adjusted gross income (AGI) must be $28.000 or less. If your adjusted gross income is more that $28.000 you may not be eligible for free electronic tax filing.

Any Military, Reservist, or National Guard member whose gross income (AGI) for 2006 is less than $52.000 qualifies for free online tax filing.
If tax payers qualify for the earned income credit (EIC) for tax year 2006 then you qualify for free Federal tax filing

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